In addition to the surveys listed on our Services page, we also offer a number of additional options that help meet your needs.

Pricing for these services are usually based on hourly costs.  However our surveyor can provide an appropriate, case-by-case cost estimate for you upon request.

Document Preparation:

An easement allows for the use of an improvement by a neighboring property across an adjacent property such as a driveway, well or water lines, or footpath. We can create an easement across an existing improvement or prepare an easement for a proposed improvement. Easements created by us are accompanied by an exhibit (drawing) showing the location of the easement as well as a legal description. The legal description and exhibit must be included as part of the Deed when filed at the county. You can find more information on Deeds on through the Legal Forms link at the bottom of this page.

Legal Descriptions:

Legal descriptions can be created along with easements, or with such processes as Minor Adjustments or Land Survey Plats. There are three different types of legal descriptions:

1. Meets and Bounds - describes the subject property/easement location by bearings and distances tied to a Basis of Bearing and various monuments.

2. Simple - lists the lot number(s) and subdivision name or quarter section of the subject property/easement along with the Section, Township, and Range only.

3. Bounds only - references bordering monuments, improvements, subdivisions, roadways etc. to describe the boundaries of subject property/easement.

4.  Aliquot - This involves a "part of" legal description.  This is mostly used in the public land system of sections. Commonly would include a description like "the NW 1/4 of section __, Township __, Range___...)

A legal description of the subject land must be prepared and included for the process of recording a property deed.  *NOTE: We are not allowed to handle or assist with property deed preparation or completion.

Area Calculations:

A calculation of square footage and acreage based on a legal description provided by the client. Area calculations are included on surveys such as Land Survey Plats, Minor Adjustments, Exemption Surveys, and Full Platting without additional charge.

Driveway Letters:

Our surveyor will visit the site and shoot in existing grades and measure the existing width of the driveway.

NOTE: Our company is not a Civil Engineering Firm.  We do not design driveways.  Please visit our LINKS page for references to Engineers that may aid you in the design process.

You can find a number of legal forms on

For references to Attorneys we commonly work with, please see our Links page.

Certificates / Forms:

Setback Verification Forms:
If required, our surveyor can complete your setback verification form for your county process. This does require a site visit but does not usually provide a drawing as the verification form is signed and sealed by the surveyor as an official document.

Flood Certificates:

Our survey will determine the location of any existing floodplain in relation to your existing or proposed improvements and whether the floodplain effects those structures. The county will require this certificate to be completed by a surveyor if they are concerned with the possible effect of the floodplain. The surveyor will determine a parcel of land being in or out of a flood prone area or zone.

Property Line Verification:

Flag up / Walkover:
This specialty service offered by us is a convenience for our clients who are looking for a physical representation of the location of their property lines. Our surveyor visits your property and roughly marks your property lines with colored flagging for your benefit.  Many times this is done by appointment with the client. This is an hourly charge and is not necessarily associated with any other type of survey. However this may be combined with any of our other services for your use. Our clients find this specialty service useful for planning landscaping, and Realtors use this service for showing the property.

This is NOT a Land Survey Plat or ILC.

GPS:  We are equipped with the technology and instruments to accomodate very large properties.  GPS allows us to accurately survey the boundaries of properties over rough terrain and spanning a vast area.
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