The following briefly describe the steps required for County processes.  Depending on the County you are in, the process or title of survey could differ slightly. 

Due to our knowledge of county processes we have the ability to represent our clients throughout these processes.  This is only done at the request of the client.  If you wish for us to represent your process at the county level, we will require a signed and notarized Representative form.

You can find more information about the County you are in by visiting our
Links page.  We can also help answer any questions you may have or direct you to the county office that applies.

If you are interested in completing a project that requires county approval, please contact your corresponding county offices to determine what process you must complete.  Once you have spoken to your county, the following are generally the steps that follow:

1.  Client must complete and submit a signed application along with application fee to the county. 

2.  Once Application for the process is accepted by the Planning and Zoning department, the client must contact and hire a surveyor to prepare the required survey document(s).

3.  The survey along with a required package of information, including county fees for submittal is then delivered to the county by the client or representative.  Depending on the process, there are a number of documents that must be acquired by the client themselves.  If we represent you we can aid you in acquiring some of these documents.

4.  The county then reviews the survey and respective package.  This part of the process can take a few weeks. 

5.  Once the county has review the survey they return it to the client or representative for revisions.  A Minor Adjustment can go through a number of revisions before it is approved for completion by the county. 

6.  Once the Minor Adjustment is approved through the county, the survey is then printed on mylar material and must be recorded at the County Clerk and Recorders office.
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